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Are the rewards from the NXTreme subject to a bonding period?

The rewards generated throughy staking NXT on teh NXTreme node are NOT subject to a bonding period and can be freely traded on the open market

How do I set-up my NXTreme and NXTWallet?

You can find links at the footer of this website that will provide you with a step-by-step guide on setting them up:
NXTreme: https://nxt-technologies.gitbook.io/nxt-technologies/nxtreme-set-up
NXTWallet: https://nxt-technologies.gitbook.io/nxt-technologies/

Do I have to KYC to be a NXTreme holder? 

This is dependant on your payment option. If you use Credit-card or wire transfer, they inherently have KYC but if you pay with crypto you can remain anonymous.

Is the NXTreme a flat rate or is it extra for shipping?

Shipping is extra. For domestic shipping (within the USA) it is an extra $49. However, international shipping price is TBD

What is pNXT?

pNXT is the private sale token. pNXT is vested over two years but is not smart contract time vested. The NXT chose this to ensure partners who got pNXT have to remain loyal and complete their milestones to have their pNXT converted to NXT.

My NXTreme is not connecting, what do I do?

Please visit our Telegram for technical support: https://t.me/NXTtechnologies

What happens if my NXTreme takes long to ship? Do I still get compensated? 

To ensure customer compensation, we have implemented an automatic reward system for the first year. Presently, the reward is 10 tokens per day for package 3. However, it is subject to change depending on the price of NXT (presumably NXT price will increase and therefore we will have to decrease the daily rewards)

Does my NXTreme auto update?

Your NXTreme will auto update. However, if you would like to opt out of this you can at your local node webpage

Is the NXTreme easy to set-up?

Yes, one of NXT Technologies visions is to bring blockchain technology to the masses. Therefore, we must make all our products plug-n-play and ease of use the priority